Day 3 (21 Days of Gratitude)

Day 3:
I am a day late with my note of gratitude, but it is better late than never, as I am really trying to make this a habit.  I am grateful for airline travel.  Some people reading this may think that I am absolutely crazy with this comment, particularly when they have experienced frustrations, delays, cancellations, and poor customer service on a regular basis.  Another thing that may seem crazy is that I was just informed that our flight from Chicago to Cedar Rapids has been delayed 3 and a half hours.

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I have spent the past four days in Alexandria, Virginia learning about positive psychology and how to incorporate this framework within our school district and my personal life.  It was an impactful conference full of thought provoking discussion about The Happiness Advantage, intentional acts of gratitude, and challenging conventional social norms.  I loved learning about these things the past three days while having the opportunity to visit a few monuments in Washington, DC.  A few months ago, I was also in Washington, DC attending #naesp16 with my instructional coach, Greg.  Since Greg does not really care for flying, we decided to take to the road on a 35 hour round trip excursion. While the conversations were rich and the time together was hilarious, fantastic, and enjoyable, the last six hours almost give me post traumatic stress disorder because of my exhaustion and stir crazy mentality that I developed from being in a van for so long.  Today, I am grateful for airline travel because I am able to get across the country with minimal effort on my part.  I am delayed and stuck in an airport, but this time provided allows me to think, reflect, and count my blessings.

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